One thing I really like about you is you gave me one fucking bad ass tone. When I got reamping done by another well known reamper, he gave me reamps from like 4 different amps that were all good, but none of them were GREAT or perfectly fit the style of music. Quality not quantity I guess.

-Donovan S


If you liked our IRs, then you will love our reamping.  We have over 7 years private reamping experience, and over 2 years experience doing public reamping for professional album releases.  If you are considering reamping, the best thing you can is to contact us and we will discuss details and tones and maybe setup a reamping mixtest so you can hear our tones on YOUR material.

Reamping includes free dual-pass noise and cutoff editing both before and after reamping for superior dynamic response and signal to noise ratio.  We do all of the hard work for you, so that when you receive your reamps, you only have to import to your project and continue mixing.  Timing editing is not included, but can be added for an additional charge – contact for pricing.

DIs are expected to be of high quality, free of clipping, and without unwanted artifacts or coloration.  We reserve the right to refuse work on the premise of extremely poor quality DIs, or we may request that they be retracked.  We view everything that leaves our studio to be a representation of the quality of our work, so we expect that you do the same for us.

At Frozen Sun Audio, we are committed to providing the most honest guitar tones around, and so our reamping/IR making rig is surrounded in all directions by the highest quality acoustic treatment available, our amps are isolated from the cabinets to protect the tubes from excessive cabinet resonances, and our cabinets are decoupled from the floor, all to ensure the cleanest results.  We have some of the best correspondence in the industry, and our turnaround time is unmatched.  From first contact to finished full album reamps, most projects take between 1 and 3 days.  Current Reamping rate is $6 per minute of finished content (i.e. layered parts are done at no extra charge).  Current Reamping rate is subject to availability and can change at any time.

For more information check out this link: What is Reamping?

To contact us about having reamping done for your band, email us here:

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