Premium IRs

Spencer W – “The IRs make the AxeFX come to life, they feel very nice and not processed or digital like some cabs out there, I like my tones raw.

Robert W – “These are, easily, the best IRs I’ve used yet.  They cut all the flub I was previously getting and stand out great in the mix.

Möbius – “Just tested your ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IR PACKS.  Incredibility pure sound. I’ll check back later, going to guitar heaven now.

Welcome to the home of the Frozen Sun “Color Spectrum” IRs.  These IRs have been dubbed “Next-Gen” IRs by their users, and not only replicate the tone of a cabinet, but also the feel of a live amp.  These IRs have attitude, so much attitude that they’re a thing of myth.  We have named each of them after a mythological beast that we think shares the same attitude as the IRs they include.  The IRs come in many different sample rates and formats, including: 44k1, 48k, 88k2, 96k, AxeFX I, and AxeFX II.  Alternate sample rates available upon request.  As per a recent free update, every IR pack comes in both Modern and Vintage voicings, for even better pairing with a wide array of instruments and rigs.  These packs are the best deal in the digital guitar tone market, balancing not only quality, but versatility, and at a reasonable price.

What does an IR do?  In the world of guitar audio, an IR is a digital profile of a piece of physical equipment that can be loaded using an impulse loader, such as KeFir, LeCab2, or MixIR.  What we make are called cabinet IRs; the sound and response of a guitar cabinet captured and digitized.  IRs are in many ways more convenient than using real amps because a. IRs are cheaper, b. you don’t need to worry about miking, and c. your neighbors won’t get mad.  At Frozen Sun Audio, we hold nothing back – we capture the most honest, real-life representations of guitar cabinets that you will find anywhere on the internet.

For more information, check out this link: What is an IR?